PSS T-Kits

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PYI offers T-Kits to help facilitate the installation of the PSS Shaft Seal. These T-Kits enable the installer to tee into the raw water discharge hose and plumb water to the hose barb fitting of the PSS Shaft Seal. Some examples of water pick-up points are: between the heat exchanger and riser, between oil cooler and heat exchanger and between the water pump and oil cooler.


Here's what comes included with all PSS T-Kits.

  • T-fitting
  • 6" of 3/8" diameter hose
  • Hose clamps

T-Kit Sizes / Part Numbers

Below are the inside hose diameters and the equivalent PSS T-Kit part numbers.

1/2" = #07-KIT-012
3/4" = #07-KIT-034
1" = #07-KIT-100
1-1/4" = #07-KIT-114
1-1/2" = #07-KIT-112